Legacy Giving creates a model for our children and grandchildren. It bears witness to the values and priorities that we want to pass on.

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift is made to an organization in the context of your estate planning. During the process of planning for the disposition of your total accumulated assets, this gift is usually included in a written statement as part of your overall intentions. If carried out with discernment, a legacy gift becomes an expression of your deepest values and stewardship.

This Legacy Giving website provides you with ideas and tools for planning your legacy. On this website you can:

The Advisor section of this website provides you with ideas for how your clients can leave a legacy that includes charity. On this website you can:

The Society of St. Joseph is comprised of Catholic men and women who, understanding the call to protect and preserve our faith for future generations, have made a commitment to name their local parish, a Catholic elementary school, the Diocese of San Jose, or any ministry of the Diocese as beneficiaries of a gift (of any size) in their wills or trusts, retirement accounts or life insurance policies.

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